377th Marine Strike Group
StarFleet Marine Corps

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Starships... The backbone of the United Federation of Planets’ exploration and defence fleet. Beautiful, awe-inspiring vessels that glide effortlessly from star system to star system. Every officer and enlisted crewmember in the Fleet is justifiably proud to serve on any starship. But, there’s more...

The most overlooked aspect of the Federation’s defence is the vital need for specially trained ground forces to operate on a planet - instead of from orbit. The mighty ships of Starfleet have the power to devastate a planet, but are incapable of quelling a riot. They can level entire cities with phaser energy, but can’t stop a civil war. They can take on twice their number of adversaries, but can’t destroy a specific enemy entrenchment. Starships have incredible capabilities, but there are simply some things they will never be able to do. Fortunately, the Starfleet Marines can!

The Starfleet Marines. Just the name sends chills down the collective spine of hostile commanders throughout the galaxy. The enemies of the Federation know that an attack on the Federation or on any of her people will not go unnoticed or unanswered. While the ships of Starfleet battle them in space, the Starfleet Marines will pound them on the surface. Marines are specially trained for planetary operations of every kind - from covert landings to full-scale defensive warfare. With a fully equipped and well-trained aerospace flight corps to support both stellar and lunar operations, the Marines provide a complete offensive/defensive package.

The Marines are the Federation’s best weapon against an enemy presence on a member world - and the only hope for removing any enemy that manages to gain a foothold.

So when the Jem’Hadar come knocking, who you gonna call?


The 377th MSG

Thunder From Downunder


As a Marine-affiliated battle cruiser, the USS Southern Cross provides a unique and formidable element to any Task Force or Fleet Operational Force that may be assembled by Starfleet, due to the large military detachment that is posted on board.

This detachment is the 377th Marine Strike Group, a multi-tasked Ready Response Force made up of: heavy and light infantry units; aerospace fighter and support craft; a small, unique Special Operations team;  combat engineers and technicians; mobile medical units; and support crew. Each of the differing sections enables the 377th MSG to provide a valuable highly efficient and highly effective strike force or ready-reaction force to any military situation.

It is a multi-national unit, made up of officers and marines primarily from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, forming part of the 11th Brigade, SFMC—called the “Anzacs” in recognition of the proud military heritage of their forefathers in Region 11. Those Marine unit members that are not also integrated into the ship’s crew complement are quartered on Decks 11 to 13.

Our mascot is Max, the Blue ’Roo who represents the core structure of the Unit–the 377th Infantry (Light & Heavy) Company. The 377th is nicknamed “The Thunder From Downunder” and our motto is “We're here to eat your lunch”—a reflection on the Unit's ability to respond quickly to any military situation, usually to the disadvantage of our opponents.

As a combined unit, the 377th is able to provide a wide-ranging military resource that is quite capable of consigning an array of highly-trained, well-equipped troops, from a full company down to a single operating Marine.

The 377th is a valuable asset to the Task Force role in which we operate, and we are proud to be the military arm of the mighty USS Southern Cross.

377th MSG Marine Deployments

Officer in Charge (OIC) MCPT Wayne McAliece
Deputy Officer in Charge (DOIC) BDR Erik Stubblefield
“The Blue Roos”

(Powered Reinforced)
Company CO MGN Bruce O’Brien
Armorer MGSGT Kevin Greene
“The Black Sheep”
Team Leader BDR Erik Stubblefield
Assistant Team Leader (vacant)
Team Composition   (classified)
377th Fighter Squadron - 377th MAG
“The Shrike”
Squadron Leader
Fighter Pilot
MCPT Ari Loren “Northstar”
Fighter Pilot MGN Bruce “Crazy Jack” O’Brien
Fighter Pilot LTC Leo “Dog Robber” Brunelle
Fighter Pilot MCPT Wayne “Pirate” McAliece
Fighter Pilot 1LT Daniel “Razor” Stooke
Fighter Pilot SMAJ Sofyan “Garang” Sahrom
377th Support Squadron - 377th MAG
“Wild Wetas”
MedEvac Pilot COL Havaris Anara
Air Cargo Specialist 2LT Jamie Howell
377th Combat Engineers
“The Cold Chisels”
Officer in Charge MAJ Christopher Jacobs
Field Scientist MCPT Wayne McAliece
377th MSH
“The Docs of War”
Xenophysiologist MCPT Mylan Kelnar
Battlefield Medic SGM Sofyan Sahrom
Battlefield Nurse PFC Lorin Stubblefield
377th Combat Support Unit
Officer in Charge BDR Josephine Fisher (R)
Librarian SSGT Lyn McAliece
377th Maritime Flotilla
“The Orcas”
Quartermaster Trainee SGM Cheryl Stanton
377th MTU
Cadet in Training Cadet Private William Stubblefield
Cadet in Training Cadet Private Alexander Stubblefield
Cadet in Training Cadet Private Zoe-Grace Stubblefield


The 377th will welcome any SFI member wishing to join their ranks and all enquiries should made through the OIC

Please Email the Officer in Charge—1LT Wayne McAliece