USS Southern Cross Awards 2006 2007
End of Year
Crewmember of the Year LCDR Wayne Smith LCDR Erik Stubblefield LT Donna Reid
Press Gang Award LTJG Louise Hup LT Donna Reid LTC Wayne Smith
Banjo Patterson Award LT Kirok of L’Stok PO1 Wendy Brokensha LTJG Burt Gabot
Excellence in Academia LCDR Wayne Smith LCDR Erik Stubblefield LTC Wayne Smith
Sunshine Award ENS Josephine Fisher LCDR Louise Hup ENS Mark Russell
Downunder Ambassador Award LT Kirok of L’Stok FCAPT Gary Amor COL Bruce O’Brien
Chief Officer’s Award LCDR Gary Amor LTJG Robert Fisher
LTJG Paul Wooland
LTJG Alec Donnon
PO1 Wendy Brokensha
CDR Wayne Smith
LCDR Kirok of L’Stok
LT Robert Fisher
LT Matthew Tuting
LT Josephine Fisher
LT Sandra Mutter
PO1 Wendy Brokensha
LT Bruce Mutter
LT Sandra Mutter
LTJG Burt Gabot
ENS Mark Russell
ENS Ashley Walker
PO1 Wendy Brokensha
Ship’s Service Award LTJG Donna Reid LCDR Josephine Fisher
Community Service Award LT Donna Reid LT Donna Reid
Cadet of the Year CDT2 Savannah Clark
Department of the Year Operations


USS Southern Cross Awards 2008
End of Year
2009 2010 2011
Crewmember of the Year LCDR Josephine Fisher Jody Wicksteed MCPT Leo Brunelle
Banjo Patterson Award LTJG Burt Gabot Gemma Sinclair ENS Ash Hulme
Excellence in Academia COL Wayne Smith Josephine Fisher CDR Josephine Fisher Josephine Fisher
Sunshine Award
Southern Cross Star
LT Grahame Smith Jody Wicksteed LTJG Gemma Sinclair Gemma Sinclair
Downunder Ambassador Award FCAPT Gary Amor
Chief Officer’s Award LT Richard Boudreau
LT Grahame Smith
Ship’s Service Award Chris Barry CDR Josephine Fisher Chris Barry
Community Service Award Leo Brunelle MCPT Leo Brunelle Leo Brunelle
Cadet of the Year Cadet George Wollcot
Zefram Cochrane Award Cadet George Wollcot
Press Gang Award BGN Bruce O’Brien BGN Bruce O’Brien


USS Southern Cross Awards 2012 2013 2014 2015
Crewmember of the Year CRM T’Marin 2LT Wayne McAliece MCPO Mareth Bet 1LT Wayne McAliece
Banjo Patterson Award LT Ash Hulme LT Ash Hulme LT Ash Hulme 1LT Wayne McAliece
Excellence in Academia CAPT Josephine Fisher FCAPT Josephine Fisher FCAPT Josephine Fisher FCAPT Josephine Fisher
Southern Cross Star PO1 Wayne McAliece LTJG Ari Loren LT Ari Loren LTC Leo Brunelle
Downunder Ambassador Award COL Erik Stubblefield 2LT Wayne McAliece LTJG Helen Stooke
Chief Officer’s Award MAJ Leo Brunelle
LT Ash Hulme
LTJG Jody Wicksteed
PO1 Wayne McAliece
CRM1 Mareth Bet
CRM1 Cheryl Stanton
CRM T’Marin
Ship’s Service Award CRM1 Mareth Bet PO1 Mareth Bet PO1 T’Marin LT Ash Hulme
Zefram Cochrane Award CRM1 Cheryl Stanton LT Jody Wicksteed 2LT Wayne McAliece 1LT Wayne McAliece
Department of the Year Operations Engineering Operations 377th MSG
Cadet of the Year CRM Varia PO2 Varia CDT2 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark