Lieutenant Junior Grade Mareth Bet Operations
Operations Officer
Intelligence Analyst
Assignments Officer
Personal Development & Education Advisor

Data Entry Technician, Engineering

Intelligence Officer, Starbase 11

Assistant Director, Starfleet Academy Orientation College

   Biography       Awards       Academics   
Species Trill
Born 196108.27
Date of Rank 201607.17
USS Southern Cross 201206.24 Operations Officer

Previous Hosts:
Davli Bet, computer programmer
Mafir Bet, officer in the Trill navy
Hebern Bet, teacher

Best Friends:
CPO T'Marin MCPO Cheryl Stanton SCPO Varia CPO Mary Mirginia CRR Bo'Jun of the House Of L'Hark CDT2 Five of Five Cocoa

Order of Cochrane Third Class
Second Class
Enlisted Crew Member of the Year
Crew Member of the Year
Ship’s Service
Chief Officer’s Award
Red Squad 2013
Gold Squad 2012 Leader
2013 Leader
2015 Leader
boothby Dilithium
300 courses
BOCP Chief Operations Officer
Flight Control Officer
Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Science Officer
Command Studies
Law Enforcement Science
Fire & Rescue Studies
Military Science
Performing Arts & Entertainment
Law Enforcement Media
Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon
Device Device Device
MOS Title
MOS Title