Senior Chief Petty Officer Varia Science
Astrophysics Lab Technician

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Species Android
Born 199602.24
Date of Rank 201512.09
Joined StarFleet 201203.30
USS Southern Cross 201206.24 Astrophysics Lab Technician

Best Friends:
CPO T’Marin LTJG Mareth Bet MCPO Cheryl Stanton CPO Mary Mirginia CRR Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark CDT Five of Five Cocoa

Junior Member of the Year
Cadet of the Year
Red Squad 2014
Blue Squad 2012 Assistant Leader
2013 Assistant Leader
Gold Squad 2012 Leader
2013 Leader
2015 Leader
Boothby Silver
100 courses
Cadet Star Cadet Cardassian Orientation College
Cadet Romulan Orientation College
Cadet Vulcan Orientation College
Cadet College of Borg Technology
Cadet College of Law
Ribbon Ribbon Ribbon
Device Device Device
MOS Title
MOS Title