Welcome to Command Department—the Bridge of the USS Southern Cross

On behalf of the crew of the USS Southern Cross, the Command Officers welcome you as an authorised visitor and invite you to have a look around.

The Command Division is responsible for the overall management of the ship and every function that it performs. To achieve this, we rely upon the skill and determination of our subordinate officers—all of whom have been selected for their specialised skills and abilities at management of the many separate departments that any starship requires.

As a Battle-class heavy cruiser, the Southern Cross is in reality a finely tuned fighting machine, with the complement of officers and crew dedicated to performing their assigned tasks to the very best of their ability and skill.

Our job on the Bridge is to provide a solid, intelligent, and reliable platform by which the ship can operate to best meet any threat or challenge put in its way—be this a fictional attack by an enemy of the Federation, or the reality of operating a successful chapter of SFI.

While we are very dependent upon the skills of our fellow members, the Command Crew recognises that they must set a good example and high standards, and as such, leading from the front and by example is the only option.

We trust you will enjoy your stay on our website, and that the information and items displayed provide you with a good insight into just who and what the USS Southern Cross is all about.

Should you be considering joining our very friendly team, drop us a line by going to the “Join Us” page.

Please Email the Commander—Major General Bruce O’Brien—if you have any questions

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