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Command Command
Commanding Officer (CO) MGN Bruce O’Brien
Executive Officer (XO) FCAPT Josephine Fisher
Second Officer (SO) BDR Erik Stubblefield  

The Command Department, headed by the Commanding Officer and the Executive Officer, is responsible for overseeing all USS Southern Cross functions. The Command Department handles all marketing, promotion, and advertising, as well as the compilation of newsletters and liaison with SFI and other chapters and fan organisations.

Operations Operations
Chief Operations Officer LT Jody Wicksteed
Assistant Chief Operations Officer (position vacant)

The Operations Department, headed by the Chief Operations Officer (COO), is responsible for the coordination of crew support services, including membership lists, sending out welcome packs, and the creation of official forms and documents for the Southern Cross.

Communications Communications
Chief Communications Officer LT Ash Hulme
Assistant Chief Communications Officer ENS Percy Ahuriri

The Communications Department, headed by the Chief Communications Officer (CCO), is responsible for the delivery to crew of items such as relevant media releases and reviews relating to general science fiction, as well as assisting Command with the development of ScuttleButt, the ship’s newsletter.

Engineering Engineering
Chief Engineering Officer LCDR Christopher Jacobs
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer CDR Daniel Parlevliet

The Engineering Department, headed by the Chief Engineering Officer (CEO), is responsible for maintenance of the Southern Cross website, and for reporting to crew of new technical aspects and insights of science fiction, with a particular focus on Treknology.

Medical Medical
Chief Medical Officer (position vacant)
Assistant Chief Medical Officer (vacant)

The Medical Department, headed by the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), is responsible for promoting a general awareness of good health practices, and advising crew members of issues dealing with advancements in medical science, the latest health fads, and other social issues.

Science Science
Chief Science Officer BDR Erik Stubblefield
Assistant Chief Science Officer (position vacant)

The Science Department, headed by the Chief Science Officer (CSO), is responsible for keeping crew up to date with all scientific and astronomical developments in the real world.

Tactical / Security Tac/Sec
Chief Tactical/Security Officer LT Darin Page
Assistant Chief Tac/Sec Officer (position vacant)

The Tactical/Security Department, headed by the Chief Tactical/Security Officer (CTSO), is responsible for event logistics and transportation organization where required.

Security will liaise with all conference/convention organisers and advise crew on upcoming conventions and conferences on the local and international scene.

Tactical is responsible for crew uniform advice and supervision of current practices.

Ship’s Services Ship’s Services
Chief Ship’s Services Officer (position vacant)
Assistant Chief Ship’s Services Officer (position vacant)

Headed by the Chief Ship’s Services Officer (CSSO), Ship’s Services is responsible for the overall morale of the chapter, dispensing good vibes and the latest gossip as required.

This department assists Command staff in the assessment of crew performance and the judgement for, and awarding of, certain Chapter/Fleet level commendations.

377th MSG
“The Thunder from Downunder”
377th MSG
Officer in Charge 1LT Wayne McAliece
Deputy Officer in Charge BDR Erik Stubblefield

The 377th is the STARFLEET Marine Corps unit which has been assigned to the USS Southern Cross. Membership in this Marine Strike Group (MSG) is open to all SFI members and the unit is integrated at all levels into ship operations.

377th Marines advise the Tac/Sec staff on military matters and provide the foundation from which the ship can partake in military operations in a combined arms / support role.

Any queries regarding the unit of the SFMC can be passed to the CO or SO.

Cadet Corps Cadet Corps
Cadet Corps Commander (position vacant)
Cadet Leader (position vacant)

The Cadet Corps, overseen by the Cadet Corps Commander (CCC), is composed of the ship’s junior crew members to allow an appropriate focus and support network for their ongoing participation, development, and education.