Lizard Lounge

Situated at Seven For’ard (Deck Seven, Forward) this is the main and largest lounge used by the crew. Primarily (but not exclusively) frequented by the Bridge Officers, this lounge offers a full restaurant service, albeit via the services of a quadruple set of replicators.

The bar, itself, has a hand-made rare wooden counter, fashioned from Kauri, a native hardwood from New Zealand, which was presented to the ship by the Director of the Federation Penal Settlement in Auckland when the Executive Officer passed through the city while on shore leave, just prior to the ship’s final commissioning.

The wall to the starboard side of the main bar is adorned with a wooden Maori carving depicting Tangaroa, the God of the Sea, which was presented to the crew by the 11th Brigade Commander of the 6th Marine Division at the naming ceremony held for the ship. This carving is one of a pair, the other depicting Tumatauenga, the Maori God of War, which hangs in the Officers’ Mess.

The lounge is decorated in “traditional” style, although there is a noted influence of ancient pop culture from the late Earth 20th Century period that has become of singular interest to the crew (particularly that of a group named The Beatles, whose stylized silhouettes frame one wall by the main observation lounge entrance).

At the farthest corner from the bar is the entrance to the Reading Room, housing an old-fashioned “library” of hard cover, antique, reproduction books where crew can while away off-duty hours reading.