Red Squad

In 1993, with the help of Denise Dugan (former Director of the College of History) the Academy established Honors Graduates Awards to recognize outstanding achievement within a 12-month period covering the previous calendar year.

These awards have been renamed Red Squad or Red Squadron, and consist of the best students who have attended STARFLEET Academy.

Each year at IC, the top student from each college is appointed to that year’s Red Squad.  The Red Squad is open only to students attending non-cadet colleges.  Each director appoints the top student from his or her respective college.

The top student among the Red Squad members is chosen as the Squadron Leader, which reflects that student’s leadership skills while in attendance at the academy. Assistant Squadron Leaders are chosen from the students who came in second.


Squad Leader
Assistant Squad Leader

2006 2007 2008 2011 2012
LTJG Erik Stubblefield
1LT Lexie Currie
LCDR Wayne Smith
LTC Bruce O'Brien
LCDR Josephine Fisher
CDR Wayne Smith
LTJG Josephine Fisher
Sandra Mutter
LTJG Erik Stubblefield
LTJG Josephine Fisher
LCDR Erik Stubblefield CAPT Josephine Fisher
COL Erik Stubblefield
ENS Craig Inches
CAPT Josephine Fisher

2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
FCAPT Josephine Fisher
BDR Erik Stubblefield
LTJG Ari Loren
ENS Erica Turrigianni
CPO Mareth Bet
FCAPT Josephine Fisher
ENS Erica Turrigianni
MCPO Cheryl Stanton
PO1 T’Marin
PO1 Varia
FCAPT Josephine Fisher
MCPT Wayne McAliece
LTJG Mareth Bet
MCPO Cheryl Stanton
SCPO Varia

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