The official newsletter of the USS Southern Cross

Volume 8 Issue 1 April 2016

In this first issue of 2016, we pay tribute to the genre of science fiction, revisit the red planet, and celebrate the popular television series Big Bang Theory.... And finally, if you haven’t already, do check out the epic WINNER of the Region 11 Short Story Contest. I promise you won't regret it.


Volume 7 Issue 2 October 2015

In this issue, we continue our exploration of Mars, and from there, to the distant dwarf planet Pluto. We also drop by Starbase Pitcairn, take a trip down the extraterrestrial memory lane, and check out some cool new memorabilia.


Volume 7 Issue 1 May 2015

Join us for the first of the Region 11 Writing Competition winners, a plethora of yummy recipes, and a farewell salute from ’Cross members to a Star Trek legend. Also, our very own Commanding Officer pays tribute to the academic achievements of crewmembers.


Volume 6 Issue 2 November 2014

In this issue, we see what Star Trek can offer the academically inclined, we explore the dark and often surprising world of monsters, and the Voyager crew has a special surprise for its youngest crewmember.


Volume 6 Issue 1 May 2014

It has been a long road... but at last ScuttleButt has come again, with a slightly altered format, but with the usual thanks to all who have contributed. In this issue, we have more on a next-door neighbour that is even more fascinating than the dysfunctional ones in the same block of flats as us, two very entertaining puzzles for your amusement, and an article from our hard-working Ops Officer, CPO Mareth Bet, on the advantages of going for gold... or at least, for SFI awards.


Volume 5 Issue 3 October 2013

The first issue since the release of Into Darkness, for better or worse... and with a wide array of communiques... Click here for Star Trek gripes, the technology of translation, three unusual stories of historical “fact,” and a selection of particularly - ahem - medicinal recipes to accompany you through those long hours between one system and the next. Or simply peruse the back section reviews of the latest effort in Star Trek moviedom. But be warned: This is treacherous territory, where spoilers lurk within...


Volume 5 Issue 2 April 2013

In this issue we explore the red planet, learn about the benefits of yoga, take a glimpse into the future, and more. This also marks the first part of a new serialised story. How did a 21st century soldier end up in the Delta Quadrant? Stay tuned...


Volume 5 Issue 1 December 2012

After passing through the space-time anomaly of 2011, ScuttleButt returns with away missions to Adelaide Prime, a very special Christmas song, language lessons for the lovers among us, a look at how 23rd century medicine has influenced our world ... and more from our intrepid crew.


Volume 4 Issue 2 Winter 2011

Like winter, the latest edition is here now.  This issue brings the usual sci fi mix but as always, Star Trek reigns supreme and there are several elements relating to our RFB (reason for being).  We also touch lightly on the 5th Anniversary of the Southern Cross with a little bit of past history, and we keep members up to date with the latest crew movements and comments on rank promotion. There is a nod to Battlestar Galactica’s villains, a book review, some Star Trek trivia – and even an article highlighting the flowers of the galaxy. To top it off, the Cross’ marines have a bit to say, and in case you were pondering the elements that make up the 4th Dimension, Ash Hulme’s column on time travel is a really good read. So we are back on track with publishing schedules – even if we are just a tad late!


Volume 4 Issue 1 Summer 2011

After an even longer wait than ever before, we finally present the March edition of ScuttleButt. This issue contains a wide-ranging series of bits and pieces – most important being the announcement of the 2010 Southern Cross Award winners (congratulations again, guys!) and a long-awaited review of last August’s Region Eleven Summit. Also included are details on a new chapter competition, a few articles of serious and real intent (sleeping, community work, and theorising), plus a few other columns, including one on Star Wars (!!) and another introducing an ongoing saga of the “Ensign Ricky-mobile” (you will have to read it to understand). All in all, not a bad little package, and let’s hope we can keep those publishing schedules going a little better this year!


Volume 3 Issue 2 June 2009 Printer Edition

With the June issue we have revised the “two versions” of the ’Butt – electronic and printable. The electronic issue features a special cover of ST art kindly provided by the artist John Pearse of the UK (thanks again John!), and this issue is the commencement of our new publication schedule that will see the ’Butt produced quarterly. The June issue includes an excellent section on uniform manufacture – the first of an ongoing series; details of the winners of this year’s Chapter and regional Awards; a most interesting review of ST:XI movie; book reviews; some fascinating information from our Security officers; as well as much of our “usual” chapter information including Academy reviews, the 360 club, and a bit of fun with the ST Quiz Part 2.  We are sure that you will find plenty to interest you in this whopping 35-page issue of our favourite publication. Enjoy!


Volume 3 Issue 1 January 2009

The year begins with our “new” issue of our much-loved newsletter.

Leaner than before, but hopefully still filled with enough material to attract your attention. The cover focus is in support of the latest ST movie which will grace our screens in May, which is supported by some close-ups of the two main leads, plus an interview with “young Spock.”

There is the usual mix of chapter “stuff” and the inclusion of an away mission by one of our dear-departed crewmembers.  You will find a Star Trek quiz to test your knowledge and give yourself a chance to review the upcoming sci fi movie releases planned for 2009 – as well as a brief look at what is going to be on offer in 2010. Check out what our Counselor is up to, plus get a look at the ongoing series from our Engineers focusing on technology.

We hope that you will appreciate the efforts we have expended to keep our ScuttleButt going strong!


Volume 2 Issue 5 August-October 2008 Printer Edition

This is the much-awaited post-Summit issue, containing twice the number of pages and four times the number of pictures as a regular issue! Also, this August 2008 issue is the last of the bi-monthly issues. ScuttleButt will now be a quarterly publication. This issue’s souvenir cover features the USS Southern Cross and the just-relaunched Saber-class USS Genesis as they are cruising away from their Region 11 home starbase. (The USS Genesis is our newly-reconstituted and relaunched sister ship – read the article about the Genesis.) We also have this year’s list of awardees, plus several reports on the first Region 11 Summit, the summit reception night, and the last day of the summit’s lunch event hosted by Donna and Darren Reid. We also have a report on the RPG commercial prepared for the summit, as well as lots and lots of pictures.

We also have our usual stuff, like our Club 360 videogame review, the latest Southern Cross Chronicles, the latest from Southern Cross’ marine contingent, two reviews of the fanfilm Of Gods and Men, an updated convention list, some useful medical tips and info from Sickbay, the latest Psyche Report featuring the head of the Science Department, some info about wi-fi, and a fun column from the Cadet Corp Commandant on how to make a Bilby mask.


Volume 2 Issue 4 July/August 2008 Printer Edition

This issue is by far the shortest issue of the ScuttleButt – six pages.

The reason for this is that the newsletter has been dedicated to the upcoming Region 11 Summit, and only contains things relating to the summit.  This commemorative issue includes a comprehensive agenda of the summit, maps to help you get around Adelaide, and important names and contact numbers if you need help.  The Summit is doubly significant for us Southern Crossers as we have been declared by STARFLEET Command as the year’s Best Chapter.  Let’s congratulate ourselves on this momentous occasion!

To those who have submitted their articles and contributions to the Press Bureau, rest assured that they will be used in the upcoming “supersized” issue, which will include the highlights and the sidelights of the event, as well as our usual ScuttleButt fare.


Volume 2 Issue 3 May/June 2008 Printer Edition

In the May/June 2008 issue, we feature the second souvenir-cover issue of the ScuttleButt, with new cover-page art of the Southern Cross. We also introduce the first news correspondent of Region 11, talk about taking care of your ride in Mark’s new column, “Shuttle Repairs,” take a look at the planes, choppers, and jets from the 2007 Australian Defense Force Air Show, see the latest batch of Trek-inspired toys, revisit the Big Bang theory of the origin of the universe, prove that we are indeed not alone with the Drake Equation, visit with Chris Judge in his Melbourne convention last April, get you started in scrapbooking your Star Trek memorabilia, get the latest update from the Cross’ RPG, read a review of Ethel The Aardvark – the newsletter of the MSFC (which is the world’s second-oldest science fiction club), and get to know the club’s press bureau a little more.  The Southern Cross crew also makes its last farewell to comrade, crewmate, and beloved friend, Lauretta Gal.


Volume 2 Issue 2 March/April 2008 Printer Edition

In the March/April 2008 issue, we introduce the first-ever souvenir-cover version of the ScuttleButt, featuring our very own Akira-class starship, the USS Southern Cross.  We also talk about how the human body can cope with space travel, go on a little away mission to the Melbourne Zoo, see pictures from the latest Star Trek movie, know about the latest conventions and events in the Australia-New Zealand area, learn about the club’s latest fundraiser event, know a little bit about the history of cellphones and how William Shatner invented the future, and read a review of the first book from the Star Trek Titan series.


Volume 2 Issue 1 January/February 2008 Printer Edition

We start the year off with a bang.  This “new look” issue includes the Annual SC Chapter Awards; a great synopsis of our RPG – “Starbase Pitcairn”; the usual columns and information dealing with gaming, health issues, recipes, and humour; the first of our new series ‘The Southern Cross Chronicles,’ detailing members’ personal away missions; a profile of one of our senior officers; and a section dealing with the new Star Trek movie due out December this year. All in all, a full, fun-packed read.


Volume 1 Issue 8 November/December 2007

Our year-end issue has a huge 26 pages offering up some great material. There is not one, but two great articles on the Armageddon Pulp Festival held in Melbourne – a column on the Klingon style of Shakespearean prose – our usual flurry of “good advice” from the ship’s Medical Centre – an extensive listing of web-links for those of us interested in Science – details on both the new RPG and Writers’ groups, including some analysis of a few of the characters from our Role Play, Starbase Pitcairn – and the usual collection of stories, mini-articles, and other bits and pieces that will give you plenty to look at.


Volume 1 Issue 7 September/October 2007

This issue the CO has contributed a great article about the commissioning weekend, which is illustrated by a full page photo essay on the event, and supported by articles about Engineering’s IT adventures, Donna’s after-party and the Away Mission to Adelaide Planetarium the next day. We also have an Academy special to celebrate five of our members’ getting Red Squad placements, including Red Squad Leader! The Cadet’s Mess has an exclusive peek at the newest wave of MiniMates from Art Asylum and a free Hako Clone of Lt S’Ceris of Star Trek: Intrepid. We have the most complete and authoritative Region 11 Convention listing, a feature on the new TOS Marine uniform, Health advice from the CMO, and articles on Mars, force-fields, and the new Australian Synchrotron from the Science department. All this, plus Xbox 360 news, a psyche report on the CO, trivia, humour, calendars, and this month’s drink recipe is ... a Klingon smoothie!


Volume 1 Issue 6 July/August 2007

Our centre-spread this issue is about the “other” Southern Cross, the character created by Tad Pietrzykowski, a veteran of 25 years in the Region’s comic book industry, who gave us an interview. We have an astonishing 4½ pages of academy results for Southern Cross members, as well as a photo essay about the recent UFP Star Wars party. There’s a new-look Science report that shows you ways you can save the environment AND save money, comfort foods for the winter months from our CMO, full-sized plans of a TNG-style hypospray, a report on the battle of Long Tan by one of our Marine Cadets, and an article about the first audio book from one of the Southern Cross crew. All this, plus our regular columns on the ship’s Xbox 360 club, our comprehensive Regional Convention report, the CO’s and XO’s reports, the Engineering report on geothermal power, calendars, Star Trek Gilbert and Sullivan, cocktails, grooming, and – not forgetting the cadets – a free board game for you to cut out and play!


Volume 1 Issue 5 May/June 2007

This issue our gaming expert, Wayne, reviews Battlestations: Midway, Operations has an eye-popping muster of the crew’s achievements in Starfleet Academy, and Medical weighs in with more health and lifestyle tips. Donna Reid's Away Team report from Adelaide's Terra Nova 5 is followed by the R11 convention listing updated to the end of August. Our new Marine section features the real life battle that the recent movie, 300, was based on, and a photo essay on Australia's first marines. We also have the first report on the ship’s Engineering Research Outpost Project on planetoid K-427, and in-depth articles on climate change in Australia and New Zealand. For our cadets it’s Pirates Month! Make believe pirates at the movies and in books; real pirates, their ships, and their treasure; pirate toys, free pirate games, and things to make and do! All this and yet another Star Trek webcomic, this time from Kail Tescar's Star Trek: The Animated Series Comics! For the Grups, Ship’s Services offers The Lighter Side of Computers, our Star Trek-themed calendars and a Trekkie’s tribute to Star Wars.


Volume 1 Issue 4 March/April 2007 Scotty

This issue starts off with more crew news, and a welcome to another new Starfleet International chapter for Australia. Our Xbox Xpert, Wayne, gives us his assessment of Lost Planet and our “mild-mannered reporter,” Wendy, gives us an in-depth review of the latest Superman DVD release. We have Away Team reports from Donna on Terra Nova 4 and a great photo essay from Lexie of the Walking With Dinosaurs Live Show! The Heads of Departments are hitting their stride with a personal welcome from our Chief Medical Officer, Louise, and reviews of two Hi-Tech news sites on the web by our Engineering HOD, Robert, and XO, Wayne. Kirok features Astronomy Day and Yuri's Night in the science report, plus the latest on spaceflight, environment, and DNS research in Australasia. There are essays on honour and the burning question on everyone's lips: could we make a fan film in Australia? The cadets’ pages this month feature that popular long-running Star Trek Webcomic, Sev Trek, as well as an introduction to space hobbies, yet another free game, and a second Hako Clone to add to your collection! All this plus humour, comics, drink recipes, and our regulars, the comprehensive Regional convention listing and Star Trek calendars for March and April. Build a Hako Clone of LCDR Scott as he appeared in The Original Series.


Volume 1 Issue 3 January/February 2007 Latinum

The 2006 chapter awards, ST:Legacy for the Xbox, the comprehensive convention listing, an evening with Jolene Blaloc, Star Trek re-mastered, Star Trek technology, the benefits of Tai Chi, and medical reporting on the internet, plus real life tricorders, a spaceflight calendar, and info on Australasian dinosaurs. For cadets, we have another Star Trek Webcomic, info about Space Camps in Australia, a free game featuring the NX-01 Enterprise, and “Paper Plate Astronomy.” To wrap it all up we have jokes, grooming tips, and recipes, plus Star Trek calendars for January and February! Make your own Latinum.


Volume 1 Issue 2 November/December 2006

Our Festive season special, a 30-page anthology, packed to the gunwales with festive cheer. Featuring the artwork of Ivy LeVangie, the leading ST:Enterprise fan cartoonist, plus Christmas-themed fan fiction stories, epic Trek poems celebrating the season of good cheer, and a comprehensive collection of Star Trek Christmas carols! There’s even a guest article on how to avoid the sharks when setting sail on the oceans of FanFic!


Volume 1 Issue 1 September/October 2006 Scotty

Our debut issue swings into action with Ship’s reports from the CO, XO, Ops, Marines, and Medical, including news about the ships Xbox gaming section, Making an Enterprise Uniform, the Australasian Convention listing, and five-minute FanFic! In-depth reports deal with Star Trek Communicators, and world health problems and the heroes who are battling them. From the Science division we have our first Astro Notes and info about the orbital weapon that nearly was; the Cadets get a Webcomic and free Clones and Replicators, while the Funny pages have a report from the CO's wife about how SFI Stole My Husband! Build a Hako Clone of Scotty from Star Trek IV: The Journey Home.