Tactical/Security Department

The Security Department (through the Chief Security Officer) is in charge of the safety and well-being of the crew and passengers. The Tactical Officer controls the main defence systems aboard the ship. As the position title notes, the Tac/Sec Officers have responsibility for coordinating all of the internal and external security for the vessel. This includes managing and leading security teams to provide a constant presence throughout the ship while minimizing visibility and any minor inconveniences to the crew, in addition to overseeing the ship’s offensive and defensive capabilities. Security teams may be directed from the tactical station via keyed instructions or in a meeting-like setting by the Chief Tac/Sec Officer or Assistant Chief Tac/Sec Officer.

In addition, special transporting of dignitaries and ambassadorial staff shall be conducted by the Chief of Security and his/her staff as well as armoury inventories, security team personnel assignments, and detailed counter-intelligence measures to prevent sabotage or terrorism aboard the starship.

Access to all Starfleet data is highly regulated. A standard set of access levels has been programmed into the computer core of the Southern Cross in order to stop any unauthorized access of confidential data.

Security levels are variable and task-specific. Certain areas of the ship are restricted to authorized personnel, regardless of security level. Security levels can be raised, lowered, or revoked by Command personnel.

The Security Department can easily accommodate a number of persons in the four holding cells in the Main Brig on Deck 4, and in the two cells in the Secondary Brig on Deck 14.

Security levels in use aboard the
USS Southern Cross:

Level 10 - Captain/Commanding Officer and above

Level   9 - First Officer

Level   8 - Commander / Lieutenant Colonel

Level   7 - Lt. Commander / Major

Level   6 - Lieutenant / MCaptain

Level   5 - Lt. Junior Grade / 1st Lieutenant

Level   4 - Ensign / 2nd Lieutenant

Level   3 - Non-Commissioned Crew

Level   2 - Civilian Personnel

Level   1 - Open Access (Read Only)


1. Security Levels beyond current rank can be and are bestowed where, when, and to whom they are necessary.

2. Security levels for Marine-contingent activities are restricted to listing the unit’s designated files, with a USS Southern Cross Commanding Officer over-ride/access facility.

The main computer grants access to the individual user based on a battery of checks, including face and voice recognition in conjunction with a vocal code as an added level of security.

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Please email the Chief Tactical/Security Officer—LT Darin Page—if you have any questions

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