Ship’s Log 2013

Date Event Crew Member Details
201301.08 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Antares Star 2300 courses
201301.15 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Arcturus Star 2350 courses
201301.29 Boarding PFC Keith Miller Human Ship’s Chaplain
Commissioning PFC Chaplain Keith Miller Second Lieutenant
201302.01 Appointment MCPT Ross Manuel Director of Emergency Preparedness Office of Emergency Preparedness
201302.06 Award 2LT Chaplain Keith Miller Initial Entry Training Award
201302.07 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher B’Hava’El Star 2400 courses
201303.10 Disembarking ENS Melvin Kennison
ENS Pamela Kennison
Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Barradas Star 2450 courses
Bellatrix Star 2500 courses
201303.11 Promotion CRM Mareth Bet Crewman First Class
CRM Cheryl Stanton
CRA T’Marin Crewman
201303.16 Promotion CDT4 K’Reig Cadet Third Class
CDT B’Elanna Stooke Cadet Fourth Class
201303.21 Boarding CRA John McCorkle Human Aquaponics Lab Technician
201303.23 Commissioning CRA John McCorkle Ensign
Award CAPT Josephine Fisher Excellence in Academia
COL Erik Stubblefield Downunder Ambassador Award
MAJ Leo Brunelle Chief Officer’s Award
LT Ash Hulme Banjo Patterson Award
Chief Officer’s Award
LTJG Jody Wicksteed Chief Officer’s Award
PO1 Wayne McAliece Southern Cross Star
Chief Officer’s Award
CRM1 Mareth Bet Ship’s Service Award
Chief Officer’s Award
CRM1 Cheryl Stanton Zefram Cochrane Award
Chief Officer’s Award
CRM T’Marin Crewmember of the Year
Chief Officer’s Award
Operations Department of the Year
201303.28 Promotion LT Christopher Jacobs Lieutenant Commander
MCPT Dr. Talloc Hagen Major
LTJG Jody Wicksteed Lieutenant
CRM1 Mareth Bet Petty Officer Third Class
CRM T’Marin
201304.14 Boothby COL Erik Stubblefield Platinum Star 1450 courses
201304.15 Boarding ENS Percy Ahuriri Human Assistant Chief Communications Officer
201305.05 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Benzite Star 2550 courses
201305.13 Promotion CRM1 Cheryl Stanton Petty Officer Third Class
201305.31 Disembarking CRA Emma Lang
201306.05 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Betelgeuse Star 2600 courses
201306.06 Cadet Star CRA Varia Cadet Romulan Orientation College
201307.07 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Bolarus Star 2650 courses
201307.15 Boarding CRA Ari Loren Bajoran Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor
Commissioning CRA Ari Loren Ensign
201307.17 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Breen Star 2700 courses
201307.24 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Caldos Star 2750 courses
Promotion BGN Bruce O’Brien Major General
Red Squad CAPT Josephine Fisher
Blue Squad CRA Varia Assistant Squad Leader
CDT3 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark
CDT3 Five of Five
Gold Squad PO3 Mareth Bet Squad Leaders
PO3 Cheryl Stanton
CRA Varia
CRR Mary Mirginia
CDT3 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark
CDT3 Five of Five
Award MGN Bruce O’Brien StarFleet Cross
COL Josephine Fisher SFMC Service Commendation
201308.07 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Canopus Star 2800 courses
201308.13 Award CAPT Josephine Fisher Time in Service Five Years
Resignation ENS/2LT Craig Inches Warp Propulsion Engineer
Microgravity Specialist 377th Combat Engineers “The Cold Chisels”
Disembarking ENS Craig Inches
201308.14 Boothby MGN Bruce O’Brien Zirconium 400 courses
201308.16 Promotion CRR Mary Mirginia Crewman Apprentice
201308.25 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Capella Star 2850 courses
201308.27 Resignation MCPT Chris Barry Computer Systems Engineer
Squadron Leader VMF 377th Squadron “The Shrike”
MAJ Leo Brunelle Cadet Corps Commander
Award MAJ Leo Brunelle Aerospace Wings
Appointment MAJ Leo Brunelle Squadron Leader VMF 377th Squadron “The Shrike”
Fighter Pilot
CDT3 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark General Security Cadet Trainee
Disembarking MCPT Chris Barry Transfer to USS Arafura
201308.29 Promotion ENS Helen Stooke Lab Technician, Stellar Cartography Senior Lab Technician, Stellar Cartography
201308.30 Boarding CDT Zoe-Grace Stubblefield Cadet in Training
ADP COL Erik Stubblefield Doctorate Command Studies
Intelligence Operations
Liberal Arts
Military Studies
Fantasy, Horror, & the Supernatural
Performing Arts & Entertainment
201308.31 Promotion PO3 Cheryl Stanton Petty Officer Second Class
201309.01 BOCP COL Erik Stubblefield Second Officer
Chief Communications Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Tactical Officer
Flight Control Officer
201309.03 Appointment PO3 Mareth Bet Personal Development & Education Advisor
201309.04 Appointment ENS Ari Loren Second Lieutenant StarFleet Marine Corps Reserve
Appointment 2LT Ari Loren Fighter Pilot Trainee VMF 377th Squadron “The Shrike”
SSGT Wayne McAliece
201309.05 Degree MGN Bruce O’Brien Bachelor of Military Science Borg Xeno Studies
Award MGN Bruce O’Brien Academic Excellence Award
2LT Ari Loren Initial Entry Training Award
201309.06 Award 2LT Ari Loren Aerospace Wings
201309.07 Promotion 2LT Ari Loren Fighter Pilot Trainee Fighter Pilot
Award 2LT Ari Loren Marine Proficiency Award
Professional Development Award
201309.08 Boothby ENS Ari Loren Bronze 50 courses
201309.15 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Cardassia Star 2900 courses
COL Erik Stubblefield Trilithium Star 1500 courses
201309.20 Promotion CDT3 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark Cadet Second Class
201310.02 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Cestus Star 2950 courses
Award SSGT Wayne McAliece Initial Entry Training Award
201310.03 MOSC COL Erik Stubblefield 289 Medical Technician/Laboratory Assistant
201310.05 MOSC 2LT Ari Loren 623 Fighter Pilot, Space Combat
624 Attack Pilot, Space Combat
625 Electronic Warfare Pilot, Space Combat
633 Tactical Systems Officer, Space Combat
634 Aircrew, Space Combat
667 Ground Crewman
201310.20 MOSC COL Erik Stubblefield 284 Pharmacist
Award SSGT Wayne McAliece Community Service Citation
201310.21 Appointment 2LT Keith Miller Assistant Chief Science Officer
201310.23 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Ceti Alpha Star 3000 courses
201310.24 Cadet Star CRA Mary Mirginia Cadet Cardassian Orientation College
Resignation CRA Natalie Smith Communications Technician
Disembarking CRA Natalie Smith
201310.30 Promotion CRA Varia Crewman
Cadet Star CRM Varia Cadet Vulcan Orientation College
201311.07 Promotion LTJG Darin Page Lieutenent
CRA Mary Mirginia Crewman
201311.21 MOSC COL Erik Stubblefield 308 Scout/Sniper
310 Infantryman
325 Light Weapons Specialist
326 Heavy Weapons Specialist
327 Man-Portable Missle Crewman
328 Air Defense Systems Specialist
201311.22 MOSC COL Erik Stubblefield 345 Light Infantry Leader
350 Powered Infantryman
351 Powered Scout
357 Powered Heavy Infantryman
359 Powered Infantry Armorer
363 Powered Combat Support Infantryman
385 Powered Infantry Leader
626 Amphibious Assault Pilot
201311.26 Award COL Erik Stubblefield AeroMedical Wings
201311.30 Boarding 1LT Vince Mack Human Helm Officer
Fighter Pilot, VMF 377 “The Shrike”
Assistant Team Leader, 377th Spec Ops Team “The Black Sheep”
Promotion PO2 Cheryl Stanton Petty Officer First Class
201312.07 Promotion PO3 Mareth Bet Petty Officer Second Class
201312.08 Boothby CAPT Josephine Fisher Chin’Toka Star 3050 courses
201312.10 BOCP 1LT Vince Mack Flight Control Officer
201312.11 Resignation 1LT Vince Mack Helm Officer
Assistant Team Leader 377th Special Operations Team “The Black Sheep”
Fighter Pilot VMF 377 “The Shrike”
Disembarking 1LT Vince Mack
201312.15 MOSC COL Erik Stubblefield 730 Field Scientist (Geology)
201312.19 Transfer PO1/SSGT Wayne McAliece StarFleet Marine Corps
201312.21 Promotion CAPT/COL Josephine Fisher Fleet Captain/Brigadier
COL Erik Stubblefield Brigadier