Ship’s Log 2015

Date Event Crew Member Details
201501.05 Boothby CPO Cheryl Stanton Bronze 50 courses
201501.07 Promotion CPO Cheryl Stanton Senior Chief Petty Officer
PO3 Varia Petty Officer Second Class
201501.11 BOCP CDR Steve Hamilton Chief Operations Officer
Chief Security Officer
201501.13 Promotion SCPO Mareth Bet Master Chief Petty Officer
Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Narendra Star 3500 courses
201501.19 Promotion CDT William Stubblefield Cadet Fourth Class
201502.24 BOCP CDR Steve Hamilton Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Weapons Officer
201503.04 Boarding MIDN Chantel Troi Betazoid Helm Officer
CDT Ashleigh Miave Cadet in Training
CDT Savannah Young Cadet in Training
Commissioning MIDN Chantel Troi Ensign
201503.11 11th Fleet Writing Competition ENS Erica Turrigianni First Place Strange Place
LT Ash Hulme Second Place Yuletide Conversation and Replimat Lunches
SCPO Cheryl Stanton Third Place A Day in the Life of a Maquis
201503.12 Resignation SSGT Ben Naylor Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer
Heavy Weapons Specialist 377th Infantry “The Blue Roos”
Disembarkation SSGT Ben Naylor
CDT CPL James Naylor
201503.14 BOCP CDR Steve Hamilton Chief Communications Officer
Chief Science Officer
201503.16 Boothby CDR Steve Hamilton Diamond 250 courses
201503.18 VRCP USS Southern Cross Cadet Department
Chaplains Department
Education & Recreation Department
Medical Department
Special Operations Department
201503.22 Promotion CRM1 Mary Mirginia Petty Officer Third Class
201503.23 VRCP USS Southern Cross 377th Marine Strike Group
Fully certified and declared spaceworthy
201503.30 Promotion MAJ Leo Brunelle Lieutenant Colonel
LTJG/1LT Ari Loren Lieutenant/Marine Captain
201503.31 Boarding CDR Daniel Parlevliet Human Warp Propulsion Engineer
Award FCAPT Josephine Fisher Excellence in Academia
LT Ash Hulme Banjo Patterson Award
LT Ari Loren Southern Cross Star
2LT Wayne McAliece Zefram Cochrane Award
MCPO Mareth Bet Crewmember of the Year
PO1 T’Marin Ship’s Service Award
PO2 Varia Cadet of the Year
Operations Department of the Year
201504.09 Promotion CDT3 Five of Five Cadet Second Class
201504.13 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Omicron Star 3550 courses
201504.15 ADP COL Erik Stubblefield Doctorate Special Operations Studies
Arts & Culture
Law Enforcement Media
201505.04 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Procyon Star 3600 courses
MCPO Mareth Bet Silver 100 courses

Award 2LT Wayne McAliece Officer of the Year
MCPO Mareth Bet Enlisted Member of the Year
PO2 Varia Junior Member of the Year
ScuttleButt Newsletter of the Year LT Ash Hulme, editor
201505.13 Boarding ENS/2LT Craig Inches Human Auxiliary Engineering Officer
Microgravity Specialist
201505.27 Promotion PO2 Varia Petty Officer First Class
Boothby ENS Craig Inches Bronze 50 courses
201506.04 Promotion LTC Leo Brunelle Deputy Officer in Charge, 11th Brigade Acting Officer in Charge, 11th Brigade
201506.06 Award 2LT Craig Inches Leadership Device Silver Wreath
201506.08 BOCP ENS Craig Inches Commanding Officer
Executive Officer
Second Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Security Officer
201506.09 BOCP ENS Craig Inches Chief Engineering Officer
Flight Control Officer
201506.13 BOCP ENS Craig Inches Chief Communications Officer
201506.15 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Regulus Star 3650 courses
ENS Craig Inches Silver 100 courses
PO3 Mary Mirginia Bronze 50 courses
BOCP ENS Craig Inches Chief Tactical Officer
Chief Weapons Officer
Resignation LTJG Karen Norris Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Unit Counselor 377th MSH “The Docs of War”
Disembarkation LTJG Karen Norris
201506.22 Boothby ENS Craig Inches Gold 150 courses
201506.27 Promotion ENS/2LT Craig Inches Lieutenant Junior Grade/First Lieutenant
201506.29 Boothby CDT2 Five of Five Bronze 50 courses
201507.02 Appointment 2LT Wayne McAliece Chief of Operations Starbase 11
201507.08 Promotion LTC Leo Brunelle Acting Officer in Charge, 11th Brigade Officer in Charge, 11th Brigade

11BDE Muster
Award MGN Bruce O’Brien Sword of Valor
BDR Josephine Fisher Brigade Muster Award
LTC Leo Brunelle Great Barrier Expedition
Brigade Muster Award
MAJ Chris Jacobs Great Barrier Expedition
Brigade Muster Award
MCPT Ari Loren Leader’s Commendation
Brigade Muster Award
2LT Wayne McAliece Cross of Valor
Shield of Valor
Community Service Citation
Brigade Muster Award
PFC Lyn McAliece Star of Valor
Community Service Citation
Brigade Muster Award
377th Marine Strike Group Legion of Valor MGN Bruce O’Brien
BDR Josephine Fisher
BDR Erik Stubblefield
COL Havaris Anara
LTC Leo Brunelle
MAJ Chris Jacobs
MCPT Mylan Kelnar
MCPT Ari Loren
1LT Craig Inches
2LT Wayne McAliece
SGM Sofyan Sahrom
PFC Lyn McAliece
CDT PVT William Stubblefield
CDT PVT Alexander Stubblefield
CDT PVT Zoe-Grace Stubblefield
201507.13 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Rigel Star 3700 courses
201507.20 MOSC MCPT Ari Loren 620 Fighter Pilot, Air Combat
621 Attack Pilot, Air Combat
622 Electronic Warfare Pilot, Air Combat
626 Amphibious Assault Pilot
627 Mobility Pilot
632 Aircrew, Air Combat
201507.27 Boothby MCPO Mareth Bet Gold 150 courses
201508.02 Resignation LTC Leo Brunelle Officer in Charge 377th Marine Strike Group “Thunder from Down Under”
Appointment 2LT Wayne McAliece
Promotion 2LT Wayne McAliece First Lieutenant
ENS Helen Stooke Lieutenant Junior Grade
SCPO Cheryl Stanton Master Chief Petty Officer
CDR Daniel Parlevliet Warp Propulsion Engineer Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
201508.03 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Romii Star 3750 courses
Appointment CRM Lyn McAliece Awards Director Starbase 11
201508.12 MOSC COL Havaris Anara 310 Infantryman
325 Light Weapons Specialist
326 Heavy Weapons Specialist
350 Powered Infantryman
357 Heavy Powered Infantryman
201508.13 Promotion CDT Ashleigh Miave Cadet Fourth Class
201508.17 Order of Merit MCPO Mareth Bet Order of Cochrane Second Class

Red Squad FCAPT Josephine Fisher
ENS Erica Turrigianni
MCPO Cheryl Stanton
PO1 T’Marin
PO1 Varia
Blue Squad CDT2 Five of Five Assistant Squad Leader
PO1 Varia
CDT1 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark
Gold Squad MCPO Mareth Bet
MCPO Cheryl Stanton
PO1 T’Marin
PO1 Varia
PO3 Mary Mirginia
CDT1 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark
CDT2 Five of Five
201508.23 Resignation LTC Leo Brunelle Squadron Leader 377th Squadron “The Shrike”
Appointment MCPT Ari Loren
201508.24 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Sol Star 3800 courses
201509.09 Cadet Star PO3 Mary Mirginia Cadet College of Mathematics
CDT1 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark Cadet College of Security
201509.10 Cadet Star PO3 Mary Mirginia College of South American Indians
201509.14 Boothby MCPO Mareth Bet Latinum 200 courses
201509.15 Promotion PO3 Mary Mirginia Petty Officer Second Class
201509.24 Transfer CRM Lyn McAliece StarFleet Marine Corps
Promotion PO1 Varia Chief Petty Officer
CRM Lyn McAliece Sergeant
201509.28 Boothby MCPO Cheryl Stanton Silver 100 courses
201510.02 Appointment SGT Lyn McAliece Librarian 377th Combat Support Unit
201510.10 Commissioning MCPO Mareth Bet Ensign
201510.12 Boothby ENS Mareth Bet Diamond 250 courses
201510.21 Promotion PO2 Mary Mirginia Petty Officer First Class
201510.29 Appointment MCPO Cheryl Stanton Sergeant Major StarFleet Marine Corps Reserve
Quartermaster Trainee 377th Maritime Flotilla “The Orcas”
201511.01 BOCP ENS Mareth Bet Chief Operations Officer
201511.30 Boothby CPO Varia Silver 100 courses
201512.01 BOCP ENS Mareth Bet Flight Control Officer
201512.02 Cadet Star CDT2 Five of Five Cadet College of XenoStudies
201512.09 Promotion CPO Varia Senior Chief Petty Officer
201512.10 BOCP ENS Mareth Bet Chief Tactical Officer
201512.21 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Tau Ceti Star 3850 courses
CDT1 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark Silver 100 courses
201512.22 BOCP ENS Mareth Bet Chief Security Officer