Ship’s Log 2016

Date Event Crew Member Details
201601.04 Boothby BDR Erik Stubblefield Amber Star 1550 courses
201601.07 11th Fleet Writing Competition MCPO Cheryl Stanton Second Place A Day in the Life of a Maquis Chapter 2
201601.17 Award SGM Cheryl Stanton Initial Entry Training Award
201601.25 Order of Merit MGN Bruce O’Brien Order of Axanar Third Class
201602.02 Boarding LTJG Karen Norris Human Assistant Chief Medical Officer
201602.04 Boarding 2LT Jamie Howell Human Flight Operations Officer
201602.05 Award 2LT Jamie Howell Initial Entry Training Award
2LT Dan Stooke
201602.07 Activation VMS 377 “Wild Wetas”
Appointment 2LT Jamie Howell Air Cargo Specialist VMS 377 “Wild Wetas”
201602.10 Transfer ENS Daniel Stooke StarFleet Marine Corps
Appointment ENS Daniel Stooke Second Lieutenant StarFleet Marine Corps
Pilot Trainee VMF 377 “The Shrike”
201602.11 MOSC COL Havaris Anara 060 Battalion Officer in Charge
327 Man-Portable Missile Crewman
328 Air Defence Systems Specialist
329 Light Infantry Armorer
330 Combat Communications Specialist
331 Infantry Datawarfare Specialist
335 Battlefield Surveillance Crewman
345 Light Infantry Leader
385 Powered Infantry Leader
201602.12 Boarding MCPO/MGSGT Kevin Greene Human Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer
Armorer, 377th Infantry “The Blue Roos”
201602.13 MOSC COL Havaris Anara 106A Landing Support Specialist
106B Field Replicator Technician
107A Supply Coordinator
107B Supply Specialist
107C Procurement and Acquisition Specialist
107D Replicator Technician
107E Property Accounting Technician
108A Power Supply Specialist
108B Fuels Supply Specialist
109B Water Supply Specialist
109C Housing and Shelter Coordinator
110A Mortuary Affairs Specialist
110B Survivors Assistance Counselor
110C Mortician
112B Personnel Administration Specialist
112C Benefits Administrator
112D Personnel Services Specialist
112E Personnel Records Specialist
113C Finance Specialist
113D Accounting Technician
113E Auditor
113F Budget Analyst
114C Career Planner
114D Recruitment Marketing Analyst
115C Transportation Specialist
116A Cargo Handler
116B Motor Transport Operator
116C Transport Technician
117A Shipping and Receiving Specialist
117B Inventory Tracking Specialist
117C Expeditor
117D Dispatcher
118C Heavy Loading Equipment Operator
118D Terminal Traffic Controller
118E Dock Traffic Controller
119B Parachute & Antigrav Rigger
119C Orbital Delivery Systems Specialist
119D Aerospace Branch Liaison
Air Dispatcher
121B Machinist
121C Portable Structures Technician
121D Construction Equipment Technician
121E Utilities Equipment Technician
121F Power Generating Equipment Technician
121G Recycling Systems Technician
121H System-Specific Technician, Non-Ordnance Combat Equipment
121I System-Specific Technician, Non-Combat Equipment
121J Special Purpose Equipment Technician
121K Parts Replication Specialist
122B System-Specific Technician, Electrical Equipment
122C System-Specific Technician, EPS-Powered Equipment
122D System-Specific Technician, Sensor Systems
122E System-Specific Technician, Targeting Systems
122F System-Specific Technician, Matter Manipulating Field Systems
122G System-Specific Technician, Matter/Energy Conversion Systems
122H Calibration Technician
122I Test Equipment Operator
122J Diagnostician
122K Powered Systems Parts Replication Specialist
123B Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic
123C Tracked Vehicle Mechanic
123D Hover Vehicle Mechanic
123E Aerospace Vehicle Mechanic
123F Vehicular Data Systems Technician
123G Vehicular Subsystems-Specific Technician
123H Special-Purpose Vehicle Technician
123I Vehicular Parts Replication Specialist
124C Munitions Manager
124D Ordnance Specialist
125A Ammunition Technician
125B Ordnance Supply Specialist
125C Mounted Beam Weapon Technician
125D Mounted Projectile Weapon Technician
125E Guided Missile Technician
125F Special Weapons Technician
126B Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist
128B Radio Operator
128C Radio Technician
128D Multi-Channel Transmission Systems Technician
128E Microwave Systems Technician
128F Laser Transmission Systems Technician
Particle Beam Transmission Systems Technician
129B Subspace Radio Operator
129C Subspace Radio Technician
129D Satellite & Relay Beacon Systems Specialist
130A Special Communications Operator
130B Special Communications Technician
132A LCARS Operator
132B Non-Standard Information Systems Operator
132C Battlefield Datawarfare Specialist
132D Theater Datawarfare Specialist
133A Computer Systems Hardware Technician
133B Firmware Technician
133C Computer Systems Hardware Engineer
134A Software E-Bugger
134B Software Technical Support Specialist
134C Programmer
134D Software Engineer
135D Communications Interceptor
Communications Analyst
135F Electronic Intelligence Interceptor
Electronic Intelligence Analyst
135G Cryptographer
135H Interrogator
135I Surveillance Systems Operator
135J Remotely Piloted Vehicle Operator
Drone Operator
135N Military Intelligence Operations Special Assignment
137A Long-Range High-Resolution Scan Specialist
137B Satellite Imagery Specialist
Probe Imagery Specialist
137C Non-Standard Imagery Specialist
137D Optical Imagery Specialist
137E Imagery Ground Station Operator
141A Military Police Supervisor
142F Criminologist
142G Criminal Patterns and Profiles Specialist
142H Criminal Investigation Special Assignment
143A Corrections Specialist
143B Corrections Officer
144A JAG Officer
144B Legal Specialist
144C Legal Aid Specialist
144D Paralegal
144E Court Recorder
145A IG Supervisor
145C Auditor
145E IG Special Assignment
146C Press Liaison
146D Journalist
146E Imager
147B Community Relations Officer
148B Broadcast Journalist
148C Multimedia Operator
148D Broadcasting Technical Crew
149D Musician, Marching Band
149E Musician, Ensemble
151B Demonstration Team Tour Coordinator
151C Demonstration Team Promotional Coordinator
152A Competitions Specialist
152C Competitive Individual Assistant
154C Chaplain’s Assistant
154D Religious Affairs Specialist
155G General Exchange & Retail Officer
156B Dependent Recreation Coordinator
156C Recreation Program Manager
156D Recreation Facility Manager
156E Community Business and Recreation Liaison
157B Entertainment Division Show Manager
157C Entertainment Division Tour Coordinator
157D Entertainment Division Promotional Coordinator
157E Stage Crew
Road Crew
158B Dependent Welfare Program Benefits Coordinator
158C Dependent Welfare Program Manager
158D Dependent Welfare Program Survivor Assistance Counselor
160A R&D Engineer, Electrical
160B R&D Engineer, Chemical
160C R&D Engineer, Mechanical
160D R&D Engineer, Structural
160E R&D Engineer, Subatomic Systems
160F R&D Engineer, Biomechanical
160G R&D Engineer, Temporal Mechanics
160H R&D Engineer, Thermodynamics
160I R&D Engineer, Special Assignment
162A R&D Engineer, Information Sciences
162B R&D Engineer, Software Development
162C R&D Engineer, Computer Hardware
162D R&D Engineer, Computer Languages
163B R&D Engineer, Fields & Waves
163C R&D Engineer, Astrophysical Systems
165A R&D Engineer, Special Weapons
165B R&D Engineer, Aerospace & Propulsion Systems
165C R&D Engineer, Naval Architecture
165D R&D Engineer, Materials
166A Reverse Engineering Specialist
166B R&D Engineer, Xenotechnology
167C Battle Lab Project Manager
167D Battle Lab Planning Specialist
167E Battle Lab Theoretical Development Specialist
167F Battle Lab Analyst
201602.22 Boarding Jennan El-Aurian Bartender
201602.29 Boarding Jasam Lex Trill Trill Ambassador
201603.02 Award 1LT Wayne McAliece Communications Service Award
SGT Lyn McAliece
201603.14 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Vega Star 3900 courses
201603.16 Promotion CDT4 B’Elanna Stooke Cadet Third Class
201603.21 Award 2LT Dan Stooke Aerospace Wings Device
201603.25 Promotion 2LT Dan Stooke Pilot Trainee Fighter Pilot
Award FCAPT Josephine Fisher Excellence in Academia
LTC Leo Brunelle Southern Cross Star
LT Ash Hulme Ship’s Service Award
1LT Wayne McAliece Crewmember of the Year
Banjo Patterson Award
Zefram Cochrane Award
LTJG Helen Stooke Downunder Ambassador Award
CDT1 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark Cadet of the Year
377th MSG Department of the Year
201604.04 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Wolf 359 3950 courses
ENS Mareth Bet Dilithium 300 courses
201604.05 Resignation CDR Daniel Parlevliet Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Disembarkation CDR Daniel Parlevliet
201604.06 Award 2LT Dan Stooke Infantry Device Silver
201604.29 Boarding MIDN Janet Stephenson Human Research Microbiologist
201605.01 Commissioning MIDN Janet Stephenson Ensign
201605.09 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher Wayne Lee Killough Jr. 4000 courses
Award LTC Leo Brunelle Wilderness Challenge
1LT Wayne McAliece
1LT Helen Stooke
2LT Dan Stooke
SGT Lyn McAliece
201605.11 Resignation ENS Craig Inches Auxiliary Engineering Officer
Disembarkation ENS Craig Inches
201605.23 Award 2LT Dan Stooke Marine Proficiency Award
201606.02 Resignation ENS Percy Ahuriri Assistant Communications Officer
Disembarkation ENS Percy Ahuriri
201606.16 Boarding LCDR Ashley Lauren Walker Human Ship’s Chaplain
201606.29 Boarding ENS Aujnan Meroë Noggra El-Aurian/Klingon Assistant Chief Communications Officer
201607.01 Boarding CRR Darryn Morrison Human Small Arms Specialist, Internal Security
201607.04 Boarding CRM Tim Watters Human Detention Specialist
201607.08 BOCP ENS Aujnan Meroë Noggra Chief Communications Officer
201607.17 Promotion LT Ash Hulme Lieutenant Commander
1LT Wayne McAliece Marine Captain
LTJG Helen Stooke Lieutenant
2LT Dan Stooke First Lieutenant
ENS Mareth Bet Lieutenant Junior Grade
SGT Lyn McAliece Staff Sergeant
201607.25 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher USS Akira 4100 courses
201608.08 Resignation ENS Aujnan Meroë Noggra Assistant Chief Communications Officer
Disembarkation ENS Aujnan Meroë Noggra Transfer to USS Blackstone

Award LTC Leo Brunelle StarFleet Cross
SSGT Lyn McAliece Leader’s Commendation
377th MSG Meritorious Unit Citation MGN Bruce O’Brien
BDR Erik Stubblefield
BDR Josephine Fisher
COL Havaris Anara
LTC Leo Brunelle
MAJ Christopher Jacobs
MCPT Mylan Kelnar
MCPT Ari Loren
MCPT Wayne McAliece
1LT Karen Norris
1LT Daniel Stooke
2LT Jamie Howell
SGM Sofyan Sahrom
SGM Cheryl Stanton
MGSGT Kevin Greene
SSGT Lyn McAliece
CDT PVT William Stubblefield
CDT PVT Alexander Stubblefield
CDT PVT Zoe-Grace Stubblefield
Red Squad FCAPT Josephine Fisher
MCPT Wayne McAliece
LTJG Mareth Bet
MCPO Cheryl Stanton
SCPO Varia
Blue Squad PO1 Mary Mirginia Squad Leader
CDT1 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark
CDT2 Five of Five Assistant Squad Leader
Gold Squad LTJG Mareth Bet Squad Leaders
MCPO Cheryl Stanton
SCPO Varia
PO1 T’Marin
PO1 Mary Mirginia
CDT1 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark
CDT2 Five of Five
Award FCAPT Josephine Fisher Dean of the Year
201608.19 Appointment 1LT Dan Stooke Chief Medical Officer
201609.05 Boarding MIDN Eileen Reed El-Aurian Xenobiologist
201609.20 BOCP LTJG Mareth Bet Chief Science Officer
201610.04 Resignation LTJG Karen Norris Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Boarding PO3 Loval Vulcan Assistant Chief Medical Officer
201610.06 ADP LTJG Mareth Bet Associate Command Studies
201610.07 Appointment LTJG Karen Norris Research Pathologist
201610.08 ADP LTJG Mareth Bet Associate Law Enforcement Science
201610.08 Commission MIDN Eileen Reed Ensign
Promotion CDT1 Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark Crewman Recruit
CDT Alexander Stubblefield Cadet Fourth Class
CRR Bo’Jun of the House of L’Hark General Security Cadet Trainee General Security Crewman
201610.10 Boothby LCDR Ashley Walker Silver 100 courses
ENS Eileen Reed Bronze 50 courses
201610.12 ADP LTJG Mareth Bet Associate Fire & Rescue Studies
201610.18 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher USS Ambassador 4150 courses
201610.20 Promotion PO1 Mary Mirginia Chief Petty Officer
201610.23 ADP LTJG Mareth Bet Associate Military Science
201610.29 Promotion PO1 T’Marin Chief Petty Officer
201611.01 ADP LTJG Mareth Bet Associate Performing Arts & Entertainment
201611.14 Boothby FCAPT Josephine Fisher USS Andromeda 4200 courses
ENS Eileen Reed Silver 100 courses
201611.19 Resignation Ambassador Jasam Lex Trill Ambassador
Disembarkation Ambassador Jasam Lex
201611.21 Boothby CPO Mary Mirginia Silver 100 courses
201611.22 Resignation Jennan Bartender
Disembarkation Jennan
201611.23 ADP LTJG Mareth Bet Associate Law Enforcement Media