Ship’s Services Department

One of the most undervalued sections on any ship is the one that is most important to the well-being of its crew. It is well-recognized throughout Starfleet that the main resource of any ship is the personnel who serve it—and they must be operating at 100%. Having appropriate support services aboard is vital, as most starships operate for weeks, months, or, in some cases, years away from a friendly station. Without competent and efficient support services, morale and functionality would plummet, placing the lives of everyone aboard at risk.

As a Battle Cruiser with a large crew complement, including marines and flight crews, the Southern Cross has great need for a highly effective and well-structured support network to provide relief of the stress and tension that can usually be found on board a heavily-armed ship of the line. This is taken care of by a unit of skilled and highly-trained technicians who perform the necessary functions that make up the Ship’s Services Department.

Under the direction of the Chief Ship’s Services Officer and the Assistant Chief Ship’ Services Officer, the personnel, both military and civilian, of the Ship’s Services Department are responsible for maintaining an atmosphere of relaxation and joviality by ensuring that there is plenty of humour and goodwill dispensed throughout the ship, as well as providing the plethora of other services needed by and available to the crew. These services and facilities include:

Lizard Lounge The Stockade Bar The Woods

Please email the CO—MGN Bruce O’Brien—if you have any questions

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