Starbase Pitcairn

Starbase Pitcairn story

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Our active and exciting Role Playing Group (RPG) provides us with a great way to further extend the fictional side of our Star Trek fan experience.

With a great cast of characters, you will find us having fun on Starbase Pitcairn, where our role play takes place. This starbase is right in the heart of one of the most dangerous quadrants in space, and the men and women on board have their hands filled with intrigue, spies, space pirates, unscrupulous traders, Marines, fighter pilots, diplomats, and a huge array of nefarious others, all up to no good.

The RPG is done via email (almost at your leisure) and our intention is to use the story lines to create an ongoing work of fan fiction (through the Writers’ Block, another crew activity on our ship).

There is always room for extra characters—the Starbase has a listed population numbering in the thousands—so if you like the idea of living out your fantasy as a member of Star Trek’s far flung universe, why not come along for the ride?

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All information pertaining to the RPG can be provided by 2LT Wayne McAliece