The Stockade Bar

Named for a famous event in Australian history, this very popular lounge is designed and fashioned for a typical 19/20th century Australian hotel bar. Featuring a very long marble-topped counter, the lounge offers draught beers selected from a range of taps that are famous for their “relaxation” qualities.

These beers have been specially brewed in a very traditional manner, and carry names that are reminiscent of a culture that existed some 300 years ago.  Beers with names such as Tooheys, Crown Lager (commonly referred to as “Crownie”), VB, Melbourne Bitter, Swan, Coopers, and XXXX, to name but a few. The bar, of course, also stores (as do all other lounges) other various potent alcoholic beverages, such as chech'tluth, Aldebaran whiskey, Saurian brandy, Tzartak aperitif, Tamarian Frost, Warnog, Antarean brandy, and countless others.

The walls here are adorned with antiques from both Australian and New Zealand cultures, with stock whips, bush hats, and boomerangs hanging beside Maori war clubs, spears, and (for some unknown reason) a battered and chipped wooden child’s toy styled after a large bee.

Here, crewmembers can get a Vegemite sandwich, jaffles, and other old-fashioned “snacks,” all hand-prepared (no replicators here) by our well trained bar-staff who also double as chefs and waiters when occasion calls.

Inter-service “games” nights are a regular feature in this lounge, with the adjoining Games Room hosting regular Fleet-versus-Marines, or inter-Departmental contents, all competing in “sporting events” such as pool and snooker, darts, 3-D chess, and card games such as Euchre and poker.

The Stockade is a popular place owing to the large complement of Marine troops and flight crew that are on board at any one time.