The Commanding Officer COL Bruce O’Brien

The CO Bruce O’Brien and the XO LTC Wayne Smith

Back: LTC Wayne Smith, COL Bruce O’Brien, 2LT Liam Smith, LTJG Alec Donnon, LTJG Chris Jacobs, FCAPT Gary Amor, LT Bruce Mutter
Middle: 1LT Lexie Currie, LCDR Louise Hup, ENS Matthew Tuting, ENS Julie Amor, LTJG Robert Fisher
Front: LTJG Paul Woolard, PO1 Wendy Brokensha, ENS Michelle Lockie, LT Sandra Mutter
Seated: LT Josephine Fisher, CDT K’Reig

LT Josephine Fisher and PO1 Wendy Brokensha

The 377th Muster

The CO reads some well wishes

The 2007 Region 11 RC Gary Amor and his wife Julie

LTJG Paul Woolard

LTJG Robert Fisher

LTJG Alec Donnon

The CO and LCDR Louise Hup

The CO and LTJG Chris Jacobs

LT Josephine Fisher and 2LT Liam Smith

LT Josephine Fisher and LT Sandra Mutter

The XO and 1LT Lexie Currie