About Us

STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association, has been represented in Region 11 almost continually since 1982.

As our region encompasses such a vast geographical area (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, & East Indies), it is not always easy to create and establish meeting chapters, where members can regularly meet face-to-face.

The USS Southern Cross thus arose from the desire of a few motivated individuals to create lasting friendships with others sharing their similar love of both Star Trek and Science Fiction in general.

Due to the tyranny of distance, many of our members have been isolated from those groups in the Region who are localised and able to meet regularly; accordingly, our Chapter has had a strong focus on taking advantage of the accessibility of technology to allow all individuals to come together and promote the interests we so enjoy.

The intention of our club is to offer a wide-ranging series of online activities that may include fiction journalism, internet workshops, regular internet chat, indulgence in sci fi and fantasy fandom—and perhaps even a bit of fun!!!

As a strong correspondence chapter, we have reached out over the years to other fans around the world, and today, the Southern Cross enjoys an internationally diverse membership, with crew from Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Singapore, and even Chile. Naturally, we welcome all those who are interested in joining, as we pride ourselves in being a reflection of the open door policy that STARFLEET International believes in as a guiding and founding principle.

Our crew enjoys a broad range of sci fi interests, and as such, we have no preconceived ideas on what would constitute an “acceptable” sci fi interest for any member.

Be it utopian or grim-dark, if it’s Sci Fi—it fits!

You have our thanks for taking the time to read about us and to view our webpage—we hope that your sparked curiosity will now be the start of a wonderful journey!

Join us and come for the ride on the best ship in the Fleet.

Our Mission

It is our desire to firstly ensure that our members have a well-supported, organised, functional, and very friendly environment in which to pursue their common interests.

We will achieve this by ensuring constant and open lines of communication—enabling all members to participate to whatever degree they are comfortable with, secure in the knowledge that their fandom will always be supported and encouraged.

We will ensure that all chapter members are protected from prejudice or harassment of any kind, and new members will always be assured that their needs, interests, and questions will be fully explored and answered.

While the Southern Cross is a Region 11 Chapter, we will welcome membership from anywhere in the world—and at the same time, ensure that we offer and provide the best possible support, resources, and interaction with the other Chapters of our Region.

As our “prime directive” is to provide a fun-filled, friendly, and fully interactive club, we of the USS Southern Cross will always ensure that our actions and deeds will be those of an open, honest group of people, pursuing their common interests always to the good of the Chapter.

“When you see the Southern Cross for the first time,
You understand now why you came this way…” 
 “Southern Cross” by Crosby, Stills & Nash