Communications (Comms) Department

Welcome to the Communications Department of the USS Southern Cross.

The Communications Department is the “eyes and ears” of the USS Southern Cross.  We keep you up to date with what’s happening in Science Fiction in the media and multi-media formats, through movies, DVD’s, books, fan fiction, etc.

Communications liaises closely with all of the other Departments to keep you informed of all the developments within the USS Southern Cross.  This is through the USS Southern Cross Newsletter, ScuttleButt, this website, and postings on our Southern Cross yahoo group.

For those of you who are not Starfleet members we will have a review of the Starfleet bi-monthly paper, the Communique.

For those of you who like to:

           the Communications Department would love to have your participation.

There are positions available in our division.

We’d love to have you aboard.

Please Email the Chief Communications Officer—LT Ash Hulme—if you have any questions.

Contact Communications