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STARFLEET is an organization of Star Trek and general sci-fi enthusiasts (almost 4000!) that have united the world of fandom in their appreciation of Star Trek, the greatest Human adventure. This unique organization has over 240 chapters worldwide linking members from one corner of the Earth to the other into one huge fan run organization. It's not just a fan club. We are people of all ages and from all walks of life, who enjoy Sci Fi in all its forms—the major motion pictures, the television series, and the numerous books and magazines.

Our Prime Directive is to make new friends, to share our interest in Star Trek in an open environment, to serve our community, and most of all: to have fun. Each club member brings his or her special abilities to the group. We recognize this value by assigning fictional ranks and positions within the Fleet, reflecting the interests of the members. In addition, participation allows the individual to advance in fictional rank. Your membership in STARFLEET includes a subscription to the STARFLEET Communique (CQ), our color bi-monthly newsletter. It contains information on upcoming Star Trek & other sci-fi/fantasy TV and films, conventions, and club events. It also contains articles of general interest to Star Trek fans. Membership also includes access to our special features, like STARFLEET Academy, a correspondence school offering more than 300 courses, in everything from real life and sci-fi science, fandom subjects, leadership skills, and more.

Another special group is the STARFLEET Marine Corps, a military-based subgroup with a strong emphasis on real-life military traditions. The Marines have their own special Marine Academy with over 150 courses. Participate as often as you like with your chapter, your region or on the Fleet-wide level, in person and/or online, locally or via correspondence chapters. Each chapter has his own unique style and its own favorite activities, like online gaming, roleplaying, trivia, costuming, you name it. The 2004 Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records has STARFLEET listed as the largest independent fan organization in the world. The rest is up to you....

(source STARFLEET Welcome page)

The USS Southern Cross is a correspondence chapter of STARFLEET International, primarily representing members of the fan club throughout Australasia, but also from the South Pacific and East Indies.

Because we are a fully correspondence chapter, our membership can be drawn from anywhere in the world, although our primary membership is made up from ether Australian or New Zealand residents.

To become a Member of the Southern Cross, it is not compulsory that you join STARFLEET International, although to achieve the benefits offered by this club, we certainly recommend this.

Non-STARFLEET members can still participate fully in the chapter’s activities, although access to the Academy, officer’s ranks and the Marine Corps is only open to STARFLEET International members.

If you wish, you may join STARFLEET International directly, by accessing the membership forms available on their website.

The Southern Cross membership form can be filled in online here.

Member Form

Alternatively, you may wish to contact the CO or XO of the Southern Cross by sending them an email, and they will assist you in any membership processing that you require. Why not take the plunge and sign up today? You will find that by joining as a member of our crew, you will be participating in a fun, safe, and extremely enjoyable past-time with a group of like-minded individuals, who will be very pleased to call you “friend”.

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