First and foremost, welcome aboard the USS Southern Cross!


The Operations Department extends their arms in a big hearty welcome.

You can be proud in knowing you have chosen a truly great Starship on which to serve. The Operations Department is the heart and soul of the USS Southern Cross. We are responsible for sending out membership packs, creating official forms and documents for the Southern Cross, as well as assisting and/or overseeing activities to keep our members involved and interested.

Operations also provides a consultancy to Head of Departments on personnel matters including:

We love a challenge, and enjoy assisting members in implementing new ideas. We also play an important role in assisting the Command Staff if and when we are called upon.

If you are interested in a position within the Operations Department, our team would be more than happy to have you.

Contact Operations—LT Jody Wicksteed


Meet the Operations Team

Chief Operations Officer: LT Jody Wicksteed

Primary responsibility is to the crew of the USS Southern Cross.

The Chief is responsible for maintaining accurate member records including academic achievements; providing up-to-date roster information; reminding members of renewal dates; and keeping track of members’ progress toward promotions.


Assistant Chief Operations Officer: (position vacant)

Primary responsibility is to assist the Chief of Operations with their duties as delegated.


Strategic Operations Officer: (position vacant)

Responsible with helping members get signed up to the Southern Cross Yahoo! group, and connecting to MSN messenger for group chats.


Intelligence Officer: (position vacant)

Welcomes and assists new members when they come aboard. Working in conjunction and under authority of the Commanding Officer, they will also assist in the creation and supply of official forms including:


Operations Officer: LTJG Mareth Bet
Operations Officer: MCPO Cheryl Stanton

Responsible for keeping the tea and coffee coming.