Ship Specifications

USS Southern Cross NCC-63550

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Displacement: 3,055,000 metric tons
Overall Length: 464.43 meters
Overall Draft: 83 meters
Overall Beam: 292 meters
Cargo capacity: 47,254 metric tons

Hull: Duranium-Tritanium composite with micro-fiber reinforced ablative armour over critical compartments.

Number of Decks: 19 (17 Habitable)

Original Production Facility: Utopia Planitia, Mars; Sector 001
Original Testing Facilities: Jupiter Station; Sector 001

Officers:        100
Enlisted:        400
Marines:        800
Passengers:     0 (Normal - up to 50 maximum)
Total Crew: 1300 (Standard)


Two LF-35 Mod 1 energized antimatter warp drive units
(System Contractor: Shuvinaaljis Warp Technologies, Vulcan)

Two FIG-4 subatomic unified energy impulse units
(System Contractor: Kloratis Drives, Tellar)

QASR-2 particle beam manoeuvring thrusters
(System Contractor: Scarbak Propulsion Systems, Earth)

"Trentis IV" pulsed laser reaction control system
(System Contractor: Orage Ijek, Aksajak, Andor)

Sustainable warp cruise: Warp 9.3
Emergency cruise: Warp 9.8, for up to 12 hours
Emergency speed: Warp 9.95, for up to 10 minutes


Main Phaser Arrays: 6 Type XII Colimated Phaser Array
(System Contactor: HiBeam Energies, Earth)

20 Type G point Defense Phaser Mounts
(System Contactor: Mejii Defense Systems)

Torpedo Systems
15 Mk 98rf Rapid Fire Multi-load Torpedo Launchers
(System Contractor: Loraxial, Andor)

Photon Torpedoes: 150 (50 launch-ready, 100 stored)
Quantum Torpedoes: 150 (50 launch-ready, 100 stored)
Tri-cobalt Device Torpedoes: 12 (2 launch-ready, 10 stored)


FSS Primary Force Field
(System Contractors: Charlotte Shields, Earth)

Phototonic Ablative Armour System
(System Contractor: Starfleet Labs, SFHQ)


Long Range Systems
Mounting Behind Main Deflector Array
LORASON Sensor Pod (Decks U1 - U4)
High Resolution Mode:
     24 light year range (7 without LORASON active)
Low Resolution Mode:
     60 light year range (21 without LORASON active)

Primary instruments

Navigation Systems
RAV/ISHAK Mod 3 Celestial Guidance
(System Contractor: Tlixis Ramab TTB, Coridan III)

Primary Instruments

Probe Systems
Probe Classes I - IX (mission dependent)
12 Sensor Relay Pods


Computer Core: M-16 Bio-Neural Gel pack-Isolinear III
Interface Sofware: LCARS 2.5
Data Transfer Rate: 9200 kiloquads/second
Number of Dedicated Modules: 186 (86,500 kiloquad storage per unit)
(System Contractor: Daystrom Computer Systems, Luna)


Advanced Genetronic Conversion System (AGCS)

Personnel: 6

Cargo/Industrial: 4

Emergency: 4


Main Sickbay on Deck 8

1 morgue facility


Life Support

Main Engineering on Deck 15